IBPS Clerk Exam Numerical Ability Questions and Answers

IBPS Clerk Exam Numerical Ability Questions and Answers

1. What is 35% of 3780?

A) 1342             B) 1432                 C) 1323                 D) 1370                        E) None of these

2. 145 cm is what percentage of 9 meter?

A) 10%                   B) 15%                  C) 6.25%                D) 25%                 E) 12.5%

3. 42% of a number is 1612.8. What is 59% of that number?

A) 2416.3                    B) 2088.6                  C) 2403.7                    D) 2265.6                      E) None of these

4. The difference between 57% of a number and 39% of the same number is 468. What is 53% of that number?

A) 1378                          B) 1482                   C) 1558                           D) 1670                      E) None of these

5. Ramesh spends 85% of his monthly income and thereafter saves Rs.1365. Find his monthly income.

A) Rs.8200                     B) Rs.9100                  C) Rs.9400              D) Rs.9450              E) None of these

6. In a shelf there are 30 English books, 20 Hindi books and 25 Telugu books. Find the percentage of English books.

A) 30%                       B) 15%                           C) 25%                          D) 60%                  E) None of these

7. If two numbers are respectively 30% and 40% more than a third number, what percentage is the first of the second?

A) 10.25%                          B) 75%                   C) 92.85%                  D) 70.35%             E) 47.75%

8. A student has to secure 30% marks to pass He gets 89 marks and fails by 31 marks. Find the maximum marks.

A) 500                            B) 400                            C) 1200                           D) 800                        E) 600

9. A student scores 20% marks and fails by 25 marks while another student who score 32% marks, gets 35 marks more than the minimum required pass marks. What are the maximum marks for the examination?

A) 600                               B) 400                          C) 500                           D) 800                          E) None of these

10. A plot of 525 sq. ft. is available at the rate of Rs.1500 per sq. ft. if 15% of the total cost of the plot is to be paid for booking the plot, how much is the booking amount?

A) Rs.121750                    B) Rs.119625               C) Rs.122375                    D) Rs.118125                    E) None

11. 48 percent of first number is 60 percent of the second number. What is the respective ratio of the first number to the second number?

A) 4:5                       B) 7:4                  C) 4:3                        D) 5:4                 E) None of these

12. If the length of the rectangle is increased by 40% and breadth is decreased by 30%, than find the percentage change in the area of the rectangle.

A) 10% increase          B) 12% decrease               C) 2% increase                  D) 5% increase                 E) None

13. The ratio of number of boys and girls in a school is 4:5.25% boys and 20% girls fail in the exam. Find the approximate percentage of students who fail in the exam.

A) 20%                          B) 15%                   C) 22%                      D) 18%                  E) 27%

14. If the numerator of a fraction is increased by 20% and its denominator is decreased by 30%, the value of the fraction is 20/21. Find the original fraction.

A) 5/9                            B) 5/7                    C) 4/9                         D) ¾                     E) None of these

15. The price of petrol is increased by 25%. By what percent must a consumer reduce his consumption of petrol so that there is no change in the expenditure on petrol?

A) 25%                        B) 10%                       C) 20%                    D) 30%                     E) None of these

16. At an election, a candidate who gets 35% of the total votes is defeated by a majority of 450 votes. Find the total number of votes recorded.

A) 500                         B) 1000                    C) 1200                       D)1500                      E) 600

17. Rani spends 20% of her monthly salary on rent. 15% of salary on household expenditure, 30% on cloths and 20% on school fees. If she can save Rs.1365 every month find her monthly salary.

A) Rs.5500                  B) Rs.5100                  C) Rs.5200               D) Rs.4500           E) Rs. 5900

18. In an examination 35% failed in Mathematics, 42% failed in Science and 13% failed in both the subjects. What percentage of students passed in both subjects?

A) 36%                 B) 10%                    C) 27%                       D) 64%                    E) None of these

19. Population of a town increase 5% annually. If its present population is 48000, what will be its population after two years?

A) 52920             B) 52000             C) 54250                D) 62500                     E) None of these

20. A reduction of 20% in the price of apples would enable a man to buy 5 apples more for Rs.25. Find the reduced price per apple.

A) Rs.5                      B) Rs.1                      C) Rs.25                  D) Rs.4                    E) None of these

21. A’s income is 20% less than B’s income and B’s income is 10% less than C’s income. If C’s income is Rs.5400, find A’s income.

A) Rs.4500               B) Rs.3780                  C) Rs.3950            D) Rs.3888            E) None of these

22. 60% of the students in a school are boys. If the number of girls in the school is 300, then find the number of boys in the school.

A) 550                B) 450                         C) 350                           D) 600                     E) None of these

KEY: 1-C; 2-B; 3-D; 4-A; 5-B; 6-E; 7-C; 8-B; 9-C; 10-D; 11-D; 12-E; 13- C; 14-A; 15-C; 16-D; 17-E; 18-A; 19-A; 20-B; 21-D; 22-B;

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